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Brewer loses 12 round decision to Cruz

Cleveland’s Prenice Brewer lost a 12-round unanimous decision to undefeated Ronald Cruz last Friday on NBC Sports. The fight took place in Bethlehem, PA, the hometown of Cruz. Before the bout even started, it seemed the odds were stacked against Brewer with a hostile crowd and media bias.
Throughout the fight Ronald Cruz boxed flat-footed and only threw single looping punches. He would occasionally land some of his hay-makers but would receive a 2-3 punch combo in return from Brewer. BJ Flores and Freddie Roach (neither known for their fight-calling talent) seemed extremely bias throughout the event. Both claimed that Ronald Cruz was landing hard body shots, when it was evident that Brewer was blocking them. Anytime Brewer landed a punch, it was regarded as a “slap”. Prenice seemed to step it up as the fight wore on and he seemed to be winning more rounds with added snap in his punches and increased ring movement. In the end, he lost a lopsided decision to Cruz. Brewer intends to not let this loss deter him and claims come back stronger than ever. The loss brings his recorded to 16-2-1, which isn’t the end of the world in a talent rich division where 10 of the top 20 boxers have 2 or more losses.

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